About Christoph


My name is Christoph Borowski, movement coach and bodyworker.

During my university years movement in the form of fitness, dance and pilates became increasingly important to me. After completing a Master of Laws program at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam in 2008 and working in the law field for a few years I completed my first (group) fitness certifications in 2011. Soon being a personal trainer and group fitness instructor became my main occupation.

Over the years I have gained numerous certifications from educators and movement institutes from all over the world, including The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, USA and Australia and executed more than 5,000 hours of group courses and personal trainings.

In 2016 I successfully completed a massage therapist program to meet the needs of my clients even better. My main modality within the scope of massage therapy has become Structural Integration according to Thomas Myers.